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Septic Services in Lake Wales, FL

The next time your septic system requires prompt repairs or pumping services, call upon Brooker Septic Service to let our professionals lend a hand. Contact us today to arrange your next service appointment.

Septic Tank Pumping Services

Our team will travel to any location in the greater Polk County region to provide efficient septic tank pumping services. Using a cutting-edge truck-mounted vacuum system, we will empty your property's septic system in just one to two hours. We recommend that you have your septic system pumped once every three to four years depending on the number of people in your household.

Wastewater Removal Services

We work with mobile home and RV parks throughout the area to provide wastewater removal services. Our contractors follow all the latest regulations from the Department of Environmental Services. Annual contracts and summaries are available upon request.
Septic Waste - septic tank pumping in Lake Wales, FL

Septic Tank Installation Services

You can count on Brooker Septic Service to provide efficient septic tank repair services at some of the lowest rates around. We follow all the necessary guidelines to ensure that your septic tank is installed properly.

Drain Field Repairs

If your septic tank is working properly, but your drain field is not, get in touch with Brooker Septic Service to let us handle the issue. We will obtain a contract from the county to repair drain fields in a timely and efficient manner.
Receive all-in-one septic tank services from our professional contractors in Lake Wales, Florida.